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Mar. 9th, 2010

╣ holding on and holding it in


Café Ista : Open up your eyes and see like me~

When you have a lost and homeless friend whose best friend-type-thing is a forty-seven foot long sparkly telepathic dragon, what is the logical thing to do?

Why, set up an outdoor café with condos above it of course!

... hey, a job's a job and a place to live is a place to live, right? And it's one that I'amer can share with his dragon friend, and that's what Colm was ultimately focused on in the end when he set up the Café Ista. There aren't a lot of places in Nicander for enormous creatures like that, and Colm wasn't about to send a poor new otherworldly out on his own to search the Wavering World for a place to belong, so he... created one. It was simple enough. Waver knew Colm had more than enough money (where from? he's not telling~), and it wasn't hard to find the space.

Well... It wasn't hard to find the space because of who he is, but Colm isn't planning on indulging any details to anyone anytime soon.

Besides! His friends didn't ask questions about it. I'amer was grateful and Rixan didn't do much more than raise an eyebrow at him, but it's easy to pretend like he doesn't see those kinds of expressions and then move on with his life, which is exactly what he did.

"Goooooooood morning!" Colm calls cheerfully as he comes downstairs. "We open in half an hour, right? Right?" He jumps the last couple of steps to the floor.

He takes a deep breath, eyes closed, taking in the smells and atmosphere of the café -- his café -- and exhaling slowly. When he opens his eyes again, his brilliant smile returns. "And it smells like we're ready!"

[Café Ista looks something like this, except, obviously, with a lot more space. ... also, with more gold/yellow/white/blue decorations. Oh, and the inside looks similar to this. Yes, really.]

Mar. 1st, 2010




so a mage, a carpet and a country are on a bus and this girl walks on...Collapse )

Feb. 26th, 2010

To lay down beside you


Because Camping the Respawn Point is Bad Sportsmanship, Guys!

 Characters: Sam and Ellie Kennedy (Sora and Xion), Ryan and Nathaniel Calder (Riku and Repliku), Avery Hamilton (Roxas), Lethe Godsafe (Namine), and Kiley Colheart (Kairi)

Word Count: Hell if I know; I'm writing this as I go.

Subject Matter: Boys and their Digital Guns~

I'll totally edit the user-names when I think of better ones. Also... T-T Please forgive me if characters are off.

Crowncharm: Okay guys--concentrate! We'll find that lurker yet!
PathToDawn: I hope you're right, Sam--this guy's camping the respawn point.
TheOtherWhiteMeat: Well, hurry up and find him--I'm sick of getting sniped by this jerk!---SON OF A-

TheOtherWhiteMeat has been shot by ~YourMomma~

TheOtherWhiteMeat: Not again! Jeez, this guy found a good spot! Avery, have you spotted him yet?
13SeaSalt: Negative, Nate. Wherever he's hiding, he's not coming out.

~TheDarkness~ has just joined the match

Crowncharm: Hey--maybe this guy can help us!
PathToDawn: Darkness, someone's camping the spawn point. Be on the look-out--

PathToDawn has been shot by ~TheDarkness~

PathToDawn: That jerk...
Crowncharm: Ignore him, Ryan--we can find that camper without his help!
PathToDawn: I hope you're right, Sam.

TheOtherWhiteMeat has been shot by ~YourMomma~

TheOtherWhiteMeat: FOR THE LOVE OF--
13SeaSalt: I think I found him guys. Give me a few seconds to line up my aim--

13SeaSalt has been shot by ~TheDarkness~

PathToDawn: ... Sam, I think they're working together.
Crowncharm: What?! Aww man, lame! 


"Kiley... should we really be doing this?"

A trio of three girls--a blonde, a red-head and one with black hair--sat in front of a television. Both the red-haired and the black-haired girls were holding wireless game console controllers, and both had headset microphones attached.

"Don't worry, Ellie--they'll think this is hilarious later, after they've had some time to get over it!" said the red-head grinned unashamedly at the black-haired girl sitting next to her.

Lethe, the blonde girl, sat off to the side, a small smile on her face. Knowing the boys, Kiley's observation would be right on the dot; they would find it hilarious, after they'd had some time to cool off over sea-salt ice cream.

But until then? She was just going to enjoy the show.

Feb. 19th, 2010

✘ we're stained black


Art and crack and things

LOOK GENE DREW US A PICTURE (click to make bigger)



Feb. 12th, 2010

Hero, Call to adventure


The Cast

Here, have a brief profile to fill out, just so we know about each others' characters, where they're from, etc. It won't be strict or anything; you can do anything you want with the format, including using bullets. *shrug* These are just some basic fields to work off of. Don't worry about being all ~professional~ about it. XD You'll notice that with my profiles I don't stick strictly to it; I rearrange the form so it fits the character.

If you really want to go all out, go ahead. If you want to link to another profile you all ready did (for an app or for whatever), that's cool, too. Just so we know who's who, ja?

When you're done, make sure to post your profile to this post.
Also, don't comment on people's profiles because then if they can edit and want to come back to do so, they can't. :v I'll make another post to talk over CR and stuff.

Basic Stats
Full Name:
Other Aliases:


whatever format you want


History: whatever format you want

anything else you want

Cast of CharactersCollapse )
A new day!, Wanna get up and move, Energetic, Excited



What it sounds like. :D In progress~

Thanks to Infy for helping me come up with locations everywhere :D

City NicanderCollapse )

Haunted ChateauCollapse )

Port Town DemenocalCollapse )

LighthouseCollapse )
The Wavering World


Roll call: Who's gonna play?

What it sounds like. Who wants to play, and who're you gonna play?
Roundabout explanation, Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey, Nothing makes sense


Setting Intro and Suggestions

the Waver -- noun. Verb: the Wavering.
1. The tendency of the World to change.
2. The act of the World changing.
3. The magic of change; the magic that is responsible for the changes in the World.
4. The will of the World; the will behind the World; the will of the magic of change.

PrologueCollapse )

NotesCollapse )

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”
~ William Shakespeare
We'll go together, Friendship



Threads from Neverwas
I don't know anything about what's around meCollapse )

The Original Wavering World
Warning: If you read the NaNovel, keep in mind that there are a couple of instances of random mostly pointless porn.
Read the original (incomplete) story: In a Weary World
Introduction: Chapter the Zero: The World Says Hello

The Constants
Am I dreaming? Or seeing nothing?Collapse )